Who We Are

Microtechx is a company which offers Multicloud Enablement & Consulting to small & midsize businesses, start-ups.

Our team consist of Fortune 500 Companies Alumni who having vast experience in FSI, telecom, global enterprises to transform with cloud native and hybrid design deployments.

we offer customize cost efficient and Multicloud Enablement & Consulting that aligned with customer needs of small & mid-size businesses & start-ups.

We offer services in US & EU markets as well as remote cloud teams building from Pakistan

What We Do

We live on problem solving. Our passion is to combine our Tech, management and enablement expertise into comprehensive and innovative solutions that address your business problems regardless of the industry and function. What matters is the size of the problem and the impact of the solution. Our approach relies on working hand in hand with you since coming up with the best solutions requires taking the business reality and customers experience into consideration

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    Why Us

    We commit to providing our customers Multicloud Enablement & Consulting with our in-depth technical expertise, many years of experience in our respective fields. And because of our lean organization and offshoring development work to cost efficient locations, we can provide you with very competitive prices. We also believe that customer comes first and are therefore committed to giving you the best customer experience. Finally, we are always committed to adhering to the highest professional standards in all what we do by Ensuring right metrics and KPIs in place to achieve right outcomes for valuable customers.