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Microtechx is reputed name in multicloud consultancy world.

Microtechx is customer focused services company formed in 2013.Consulting partners of our team have worked with Fortune 500 companies and we have successfully provided consultancy services to multinational corporations.

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Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Protected

Devops Solutions

Build , test and maintain infrastructure for the speedy development and release of the digital products

Devops Solutions

Security & Compliance

Minimize the risks of breach of security and data theft by implementing state of the art security solutions

Security & Compliance

Digital Workspace

Make it easier for your teams around the world to collaborate and add more value at reduced cost

Digital Workspace

Consulting services built specifically for your business.


Hands-On Training sessions with Industry veterans.

In the world of IT upgrading the arsenals of your skills is crucial if you want to have a distinctive edge over others in market. In order to cater the demand of cloud consultants we are providing hands-on training sessions with industry veterans.


State of the art professional certifications for Azure Solutions Architect.


Our trainees are part of global workforce now and providing solutions to customers.


Complete training modules with indepth understanding of GCP Networking.


Cloud professionals trained to cater to the needs of multinational enterprises


To automate the development processes of small to medium scale enterprises

Case studies

We work with global brands

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    We have an IT department

    Partner with us for IT management services to grow your existing IT infrastructure
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    We don’t have an IT department

    Work with us as your one-stop shop for IT management and solutions
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