Security Management

What is Security Management?

Security management covers all aspects of protecting an organization’s assets – including computers, people, buildings, and other assets – against risk. A security management strategy begins by identifying these assets, developing and implementing policies and procedures for protecting them, and maintaining and maturing these programs over time.

Why Security Management?

The goal of security management procedures is to provide a foundation for an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. The information and procedures developed as part of security management processes will be used for data classification, risk management, and threat detection and response.


  • Visibility and Discovery all cloud apps and resources used on hybrid environment in your organization.
  • Identifcation and revocation  access to risky OAuth apps in day to day operations.
  • In hybrid cloud environments, Identification of compromised user accounts and domain controllers monitoring.
  • Data exfiltration and sensitive data protection in your cloud & SaaS apps landscape.
  • Gap in monitoring and protection of session controls to manage user actions in real-time as per least privilege and authorized controls.

How Security Management work's


As per market growing and expanding hybrid cloud environments there is big gap in consolidation for single pan of view to IT landscape. We are providing services for assessment and gaps validation in customer environment as well as providing consulting services in Microsoft cloud access broker solution deployment  to  Identify and combat cyberthreats across your cloud services with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, a cloud access security broker (CASB) that provides multifunction visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics.

Our Approach

  • Discover and manage your apps
  • Streamline cloud access security with native integration. Control and audit your apps and resources.
  • Govern access to apps and resources
  • Discover shadow IT in your organization. Understand and control your digital information estate.
  • Assess the compliance of your apps
  • Evaluate against compliance standards, prevent leaks, and limit access to regulated data.