Identity & Access Management

What is Identity Access Management?

Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework of business processes, policies and technologies that facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities. With an IAM framework in place, information technology (IT) managers can control user access to critical information within their organizations. Systems used for IAM include single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication and privileged access management.

Why Identity Access Management?

Businesses leaders and IT departments are under increased regulatory and organizational pressure to protect access to corporate resources. As a result, they can no longer rely on manual and error-prone processes to assign and track user privileges. IAM automates these tasks and enables granular access control and auditing of all corporate assets on premises and in the cloud.


  • Improper service and user provisioning and deprovisioning — for example, companies not deprovisioning former employee SaaS accounts
  • Zombie SaaS accounts — inactive assigned users
  • Too many admin accounts
  • Users bypassing enterprise IAM controls.
  • Productivity while
  • Securing against Phishing + password spray attacks
  • Compromised devices & accounts
  • Lateral Traversal attacks using Credential Theft
  • 3rd Party account risk
  • Over-permission and entitlements in cloud.

How Identity & Access Management work's


The Microsoft enterprise identity service provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to guard against cybersecurity attacks, Single sign-on simplifies access to your apps from anywhere, Zero trust, Conditional access and multifactor authentication help secure data, A single identity control plane grants full visibility and control of your environment, Governance ensures the right people have access to the right resources, and only when they need it.

Our Approach

By leveraging state of art Microsoft Identity and access management solution with Xdr approach with CloudKnox and Defender for identity to protect pre-breach attack on organizations, setting up zero trust with right policy validation mechanism to secure customer environment in terms of access management, just in time access and authorization using cloud framework for role based access control and locations. We help customers by consolidating SSO to keep seamless identities in multicloud environment as per customer cloud landscape.