Compliance Management

What is Compliance Management?

Compliance management is the ongoing process of monitoring and assessing systems to ensure they comply with industry and security standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies and requirements

Why Compliance Management?

For businesses making the transition to the cloud, robust cloud security is imperative. Security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and cloud computing is no less at risk than an on-premise environment. For this reason, it is essential to work with a cloud provider that offers best-in-class security that has been customized for your infrastructure.


  • The Growth of Data is Exponential
  • Cost of Maintaining Data Privacy
  • The Number of Open Vulnerabilities
  • An Advanced Technology Landscape
  • Human Error Creates a Level of Complexity
  • Lack of data governance & lifecycle management

How Compliance Management work's


Modern Information Protection helps organizations to classify, label, and protect data based on sensitivity. Organizations use labels to aid: Users in understanding the importance of information that is being handled. Compliance administrators in discovering where sensitive information lives

Our Approach

We help and provide services in customer data assessment as per requirements:

We work closely and more aligned with Microsoft compliance & information protection

  • Built-in protection

Benefit from information protection and governance capabilities built into Microsoft 365 apps and services, Power BI, Edge browser, and Windows 11 devices.

  • Unified management

Configure and manage policies and view analytics across your on-premises environment, Microsoft 365 apps and services, non-Microsoft cloud services, and devices—all from a single console.

  • Intelligent data

Accurately identify sensitive information across your enterprise with comprehensive classification capabilities, including machine learning.

  • Extensible capabilities

Consistently extend information governance and protection to popular apps and services with SDK and connectors.