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Security and Compliance

Identify any malicious threats before they cause actual damage to your business

One of your business daily need is to pinpoint any malicious threats before they cause any actual destruction. With Azure Security Center, which provides a complete security in your workload, ensure compliance with security requirements in your company by early detecting threats and responding faster.

Detect and Respond

  • Built-In Search Queries for Malicious Attacks.
  • Analyze and Investigate Events Across Various Data Sources.
  • Detect Threats Before they Impact your Environment.
  • Identify New Threats to Protect your Critical Data and Workloads.
  • Collect, Search, and Analyze Security Data from Diverse Sources, including Firewalls and other 3rd Party

Limit the Threats

  • Configure Security Policy
  • Assess the Security of your Resources
  • Leverage the Security Recommendations to Rectify Issues before they Exploit your Data.
  • Enable Adaptive Threat Protections Measures to Reduce Exposure to the Attacks

Security Across Workload

  • Know the Security Position of your Complete Environment Irrespective of Platform.
  • Streamline the Security Audits.
  • Get a Unified View of the Security Status of Different Resources in your Environment.
  • Automatically Discover and Integrate New Resources in your Environment and Apply Security Policies on them.

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Microtechx is Microsoft Partner with its expertise in Microsoft Azure Cloud. We have provided security solution to many customers and helped them increase their security and stay protected. We assess your environment and provide you with a solution that best fits your needs.