Azure Solutions Architect – Developer Professional Program



Azure Solutions Architect - Developer Professional Program

In post digital era both technical skills and interpersonal skills are important to succeed in a workplace. In order to meet the demands of the enterprise we have included learning modules of soft skills along with the technical training.

Training of azure infrastructure architect has been divided into these modules:

  • AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals
  • AZ-204 Azure Development Associate
  • GitOps
  • Terraform Associate Iaac
  • AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect
  1. Certificate of completion
  2. Real life lab works
  3. Current & future content
  4. Exercise for each module
  5. Classes through Microsoft Teams

Our main focus is to deliver hands-on practical training for each module.Learning outcomes for each module are:

  • Clarity in Fundamental Cloud Concepts
  • Understanding Core Azure Services
  • Hands-on on Core Solution And Management Tools On Azure
  • Understanding General Security And Network Security Features
  • Working knowledge of Identity, Governance, Privacy, and Compliance Features
  • Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements

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  • Developing Azure Compute Solutions
  • Development for Azure storage
  • Implementing Azure Security
  • Monitoring , troubleshooting and deploying Azure Solutions
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and Third-party services

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GitOps is an operational framework that is build on the core principles of DevOps and is used for version controlling while developing an application and CI/CD. Skills that one will get at the end of this module are:

  • In-depth understanding of principles of GitOps.
  • Understanding the best practices and processes.
  • Ability to establish GitOps to automate and synchronize cluster state with git repo.
  • Working knowledge of tools that drive the GitOps workflow.
  • Understanding Infrastructure a Code (Iaac) and purpose of terraform
  • Clarity in key terraform concepts while using terraform CLI.
  • Understanding of terraform workflow and implementing and maintaining state.
  • Interacting with terraform modules
  • Understanding terraform cloud and enterprise.

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  • Implementing and monitoring and azure infrastructure
  • Implementing management and security solutionsI
  • Implementing Solutions for Apps
  • Implementing and managing data platforms

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  • Design Monitoring
  • Design Identity and Security
  • Design data storage
  • Design business continuity
  • Design Infrastructure.

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1. Linkedin Profile Building
2. Resume Writing
3. Communications Skill as per industry needs
4. Basic Project Management & SDLC insights
5. Analytics skills
6. Time management
7. Use case and case studies
8. Critical thinking
9. Team player


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