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Microtechx is providing state of the art training of Microsoft Certifications, which leads you to another level of your career.

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Microsoft Intune

With Microsoft Intune, you can manage and track your entire workforce mobile devices on your fingertips.

Microsoft Intune lets employees work from the devices they want with the apps they need. Furthermore, IT administrators can manage all devices, be they personal or corporate, without interfering with end user’s personal data.

With few clicks, decide which employees have access to apps and data, and which employees are locked out.Customize your security policies, authorize personal devices and maintain mobile data security with Microsoft Intune today!

Application Management

  • Whitelist and blacklist company apps
  • Establish application-based control policies
  • Publish, configure and update your mobile apps on enrolled and unenrolled devices
  • Secure your app-associated corporate data

Effective Configuration

  • Enroll devices to configure settings
  • Protect your data and enforce compliance
  • Selective wipe and full device wipe options in case of a stolen device
  • Configure your company email policies

Data Protection

  • Enjoy extended security capabilities across all users, devices, apps and data
  • Application restriction and conditional access to your employees
  • Remote lock and remote password reset for all devices

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If you want your business to be handled by a team of professionals, you are at the right page. Microtechx is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner for more than seven years. We have over 155 businesses as our happy customers who are utilizing Microsoft Teams features to the fullest of the extents with our help. We take pride in making our customers our priority with 24/7 assistance after deployment..

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