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ICT Job Roles

Information technology is a combination of communication, booking, processing, and multimedia capabilities. The main role played by communication networks is called information and communication technology (or: information technology and communication). Information and communication technologies (ICT) are at the fore in education systems today, but the origin of these sayings is based on scientific knowledge, especially in the fields of training sciences, developmental psychology, knowledge, and learning abilities. Under the auspices of IT, injustices and hands can be reduced and education systems can support students’ knowledge and skills, thereby supporting and enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and learning to learn. ICTs play an important role in knowledge because of their transformative and relational capabilities among learners. A change-oriented approach believes in the change of ICT, fundamentally and fundamentally changed tools, and even policies and educational goals. If adequate efforts are made to achieve the correct application of IT and make it a base in programmed development, it can be considered one of the largest sources of skilled and proficient manpower in IT and can play an important role in the scientific and economic fields. role in the country and world competitions while providing a real opportunity for major progress and development of the country. If the curriculum (or curriculum) corresponds to the real needs or real demands of the student, it increases his interest in progressive learning and IT, because its truthfulness and the benefit of a large amount of information have the property or characteristic to meet the various needs of the student and arouse his interest in the content curriculum. This paper aims to investigate the effect or impact of the curriculum of this phenomenon by stating the role of ICT in the educational field to provide an integrating and interweaving program programmed for the teacher and the student and to prepare an area in which the potential of the individual abilities of the students and their own and personal experiences could be expanded.

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