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Installing | Device Management | Mobile Application Management using Intune_PowerShell_SDK Step by Step.

#Login with AzureAD


#Find MSGraph Module.

Find-Module -Name MS*

#Install MSGraph Modules

Install-Module MSGraph

Install-Module MSGraphAPI

#Download and Extract Intune_PowerShell_SDK

sl C:UserskhaliDownloadsCompressedIntune-PowerShell-SDK_v6.1811.0.3-previewReleasenet471

Import-Module .Microsoft.Graph.Intune.psd1

sl C:UserskhaliDownloadsCompressedIntune-PowerShell-SDK_v6.1811.0.3-previewReleasenetstandard2.0

Import-Module .Microsoft.Graph.Intune.psd1

# login using browser using code


Accept Org Consent……………..

Get-Command -Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune

Get-command Get-DeviceAppManagement_MobileApps


#Get a filtered list of applications and select only the “displayName” and “publisher” properties:

Get-DeviceAppManagement_MobileApps -Select displayName, publisher

#Create a web application

$bingWebApp = New-DeviceAppManagement_MobileApps -webApp -displayName ‘Bing’ -publisher ‘Microsoft Corporation’ -AppUrl ‘’

#Update the web application that we created in the ‘Creating objects’ section:

$bingWebApp | Update-DeviceAppmanagement_MobileApps -webApp -displayName ‘Bing Search’

#Delete the web application that we created in the ‘Creating objects’ section:

$bingWebApp | Remove-DeviceAppmanagement_MobileApps

#Lock a managed device:

# Get a device to lock

$allDevices = Get-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices

$deviceToLock = $allDevices[0]

# Lock this device

$deviceToLock | Invoke-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices_RemoteLock

# Get a device to Wipe

$allDevices = Get-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices

$deviceWipe = $allDevices[0]

# Lock this Wipe

$deviceToWipe | Invoke-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices_Wipe

#there are too many parameters to use in Use_cases.

XXXX = Actions | Just tab and change mode of command.

# Get a device to XXXX

$allDevices = Get-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices

$deviceXXXX = $allDevices[0]

# Device with this XXXX

$deviceToXXXX | Invoke-DeviceManagement_ManagedDevices_XXXX

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