DEVOPS Program 2021

DEVOPS Program 2021

DEVOPS Program 2021 15 JuneJun 2021 12:00am Asia/Karachi

Course overview

Th complete course is divided into 3 parts. Basic, Intermediate and Advance Level. In Basic level, we will cover the Cloud Fundamentals and benefits of cloud. Along with that we will cover Linux Fundamentals IAAC and DevOps Basic. In Intermediate, we cover Source Configuration Management, CI and CD, System Monitoring & Feedback, and Docker. In Advance Level, we will cover Kubernetes, and Azure DevOps.

The topics covered are directly aligned with the knowledge domains od DevOps, and will substantially increase students’ knowledge

Learning outcomes

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Cloud Fundamentals with AWS & MS Azure
  • Linux Basics
  • Infrastructure as Code basics
  • DevOps Basic
  • Source Configuration Management (Git)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • System Monitoring & Feedback
  • Microservice Architecture basics
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure DevOps


The complete course is divided into 3 levels. Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. No prerequisites are required for Basic Level. For the intermediate level, you require basic level knowledge and for the advanced level, you need basic and Intermediate knowledge.

Course Outline


  1. Cloud Computing Essentials with AWSAzureGCP
  • What is Cloud Computing: HA, Scalability, Elasticity, Agility, DR and more
  • Identify the differences between Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational
  • Describe the consumption-based model
  • Describe the shared responsibility model
  • Describe Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Describe Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Describe serverless computing
  • Describe Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Types of Cloud Computing -- Public, Private, Hybrid cloud
  1. Introduction to Linux basics
  • Linuc Distros, Desktop, ClientServer and Shell
  • Shell Essentials: Navigating FS
  • Shell Essentials: User Management and Permissions
  • Shell Essentials: Working with Block Devices and Mount Points
  • Shell Essentials: Editing files with Nano and Vim
  • Shell Essentials: Process Management and SysInfo
  • Remote Connetions: SSH, puTTy and SCP
  • Working with DNS: nslookup, dig and pin
  • Writing Cron Jobs
  • How to write Shell Scripts
  1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) basics
  • Introduction to IaC with Azure ARM and AWS CloudFormation
  • Getting started with HashiCorp Terraform, Providers, State Files, Modules and Registry
  1. DevOps Basic


  1. Source Control with Git, Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab
  • Working with Git on Linux and Windows
  • Continuous Integration and DeliveryDeployment
  • What is and what is the difference between CI and CD (Delivery and Deployment)
  • Available Open-SourceFree and Commercial CITools (Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI, Buddy, Azure DevOps)
  • Setting up Jenkins CI on Linux using Docker
  • Overview of Pipeline as Code, DSL Jobs and Jenkinsfile
  • Installing Jenkins Plugins and configuration
  • Connecting Jenkins with SCM Hosting (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab etc)
  • Introduction to Jenkins Master Slave Architecture
  • Build caching in containerized environments
  • Setting up Traefik Proxy and DNS for Jenkins URL in Jenkins
  1. System and Application Monitoring
  • Introduction to System Metrics, Monitoring Tools and Cloud Specific Tools
  • Difference between Pull and Push based monitoring tools
  • Introduction Prometheus and Time-Series databases with InfluxDB
  • Introduction to Prometheus Exporters, Alert Manager, NodeExporter and BlackBox Exporter
  • Introduction to Push Based Monitoring tools: Datadog and NewRelic
  • APM (Application Performance Monitoring) and It's integration
  • Configuring with Alerts and Monitoring
  • Setup Example Docker Compose Prometheus setup to monitor Disk usage and System Metrics (Memory and CPU utilisation)
  1. Microservice Architecture basics
  • What is Microservice Architecture, it's applications and comparison with Monoliths Applications
  • Getting into Service Discovery
  • Interprocess communication
  1. Introduction Application Containerizations with Docker
  • Installing Docker and running your first Docker Hello World container
  • Introduction to Dockerfiles and Best Practices for writing Docker files
  • Docker Networks and Emedded DNS for Service Discovery
  • Introduction to Layers, Volumes and Plugins on Docker
  • Introduction to Docker Compose and writing Compose Files
  • Best Practices for writing Docker Compose files
  • Working with Docker Registries (Public and Private)


  1. Azure DevOps
  • Azure Boards/ Project management
  • Azure Repo
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Test Plan
  • Azure Artifacts
  1. Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
  • What is Kubernetes, it's components and Architecture
  • Kubernetes Cluster Contexts and Clients
  • Managed vs Unmanaged Kubernetes in the Public and Private Cloud (Kubeadm, Kubespray, AKS, EKS, GKE etc)
  • Deploy our first application in Kubernetes with Kubernetes Pods
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Objects: Deployment, Services, Ingress and more
  • Writing Kubernetes Deployment and Service Manifests Files and exposing our applications out of the cluster
  • Working with emptyDir, Persistence Volume and Persistence Volume Claim
  • Introduction to Ingress with Traefik
  • Best Practices for Deploying containerized applications on Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Autoscaling in Kubernetes (Cluster Autoscaler and HPA)
  • Introduction to Metrics-Server and Heapster
  • Services Meshes with Istio and Other tools on Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Helm for deploying applications on Kubernetes
  • Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters using Prometheus
  • RoleBinding and ClusterRoleBinding
  • Aggregated ClusterRoles
  • Microtechx
    Organizer of DEVOPS Program 2021
    Microtechx is customer focused services company formed in 2013. Consulting partners of our team have worked with Fortune 500 companies and we have successfully provided consultancy services to multinational corporations.
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