Domains Covered in Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

The associate level administrator, Microsoft Azure certification, covers the following concepts in each of the domains.

  • Management of Azure subscriptions and resources

The first domain covers 15-20% and includes details such as management of azure subscriptions through assigning administrator permissions. The management of azure subscriptions would also involve configuration of cost center quotas and tagging. The next important concept in this domain relates to the analysis of resource utilization and consumption.

The management of azure subscriptions and resources would also be associated with the management of resource groups. Candidates should also show skills and knowledge in role-based access control (RBAC).

  • Implementing and management of storage

This domain is responsible for around 15 to 20% of the questions in the AZ-103 certification exam. Candidates have to learn about the creation and configuration of storage accounts. Also, they would have to learn about data import and export to Azure. The next important concepts covered in this domain relate to the configuration of Azure files and implementation of Azure backup.

  • Deployment and management of Virtual Machines

The most crucial aspect of using cloud services is related to the use of Virtual machines. Candidates appearing for the Azure administrator associate level Microsoft azure certification should learn about creating and configuration of a VM for Windows and Linux.

The other significant concepts covered in this domain include the automation of VM deployments and Azure VM management. The next important topic included in this domain is the management of VM backups. Candidates can get almost 15 to 20% of questions from this domain in the certification exam.

  • Configuration and management of virtual networks

This domain is one of the most important ones in the AZ-103 certification exam. Candidates will find almost 30 to 35% of questions in the certification exam from this domain. The topics covered in this domain include creating connectivity between virtual networks and virtual networking implementation and management. Candidates should also learn about configuring name resolution as well as implementing the Azure load balancer.

Also, candidates should show capabilities for creating and configuration of Network Security Group (NSG). This Microsoft Azure Certification will also test the candidate’s abilities for monitoring and troubleshooting virtual networking issues. Candidates should also describe their abilities for the integration of the on-premises network with Azure virtual network.

  • Managing Identities 

Managing identities is one of the basic domains in the Azure administrator associate-level certification exam. You will have to show expertise in Azure Active Directory (AD) management and Azure AD object management. Candidates also need to cover the topics in the implementation and management of hybrid identities. Furthermore, it is also reasonable to consider the implementation of multi-factor authentication.


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Khalid Hussain