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Modern business and organizations strive on data. In today’s competitive business environment, you need all the innovative tools to sustain your business valueFinding the right data tools to transform data into actionable business insights, to ensure sustainable development and generate more business value is on priority.  

Data & BI solutions empower you to transform lots of dispersed data into comprehensible information visualized in intuitive dashboards and interactive modules, and high spot your business performance. 

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Solutions / Services we Offer

We provide analytics and business Intelligence solutions to help business owners,

executives, data analysts, team leaders and professionals to reach strategic goals,

make better and more informed decisions.

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    Data & BI Interactive

    Get your data insight through a single sight at user interactive dashboards.

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    Data Security

    Secure dashboards visible to only authenticated persons.

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    Dashboards Accessibly

    View dashboards from anywhere, even using your cell phone.

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    Applications Integration

    Dashboards integration with in your application with 4 lines of code.

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    Natural Language Q & A

    Ask any question regarding your data and dashboard will show you data accordingly.

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    Advance Customization

    Advanced customization, that is tailor-made for your team and it’s needs.

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    Predictive Dashboards

    Predict future with ML based dashboards  .

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    Data Source

    Dashboards using your existing (any) datasource. Whether in the cloud or on-premises and its MySQL, SQL Server or any other database, Excel sheets or any.

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    Automatic Emails

    Email Charts to anyone automatically on your desired schedule and to your desired persons.


Knowledge Transfer Trainings

Delivering trainings to the key Power BI business users so they can learn the skills needed to be successful