Alumni is the plural noun for a group of male graduates and female graduates.

I encourage you to think of MICROTECHX. It is a time to rewrite or enhance your “life story.” Challenge yourself to take on something new and out of your comfort zone. Dive into your studies and soak up every moment of higher learning with the knowledge that your education will serve you for many decades to come. Reach out to new friends who will enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine. This is your time—embrace it!


Adil Shehzad

DevOps Engineer – SSI


I am pursuing Bachelors in computer science. During the early days of covid-19 when universities went online. I started a community along with Sumama zaeem and our aim is to help the students with cloud computing. I was personally looking for an internship opportunity while co-leading AWS Community Pakistan. Opportunity came to us and Ialso show my interest to become of the MicrotechX. I really impressed by the MicrotechX team how they provide us faculty and also MicrotechX personal platform where we can not only learn but also work as a team.

Those 6 months that I spent under the mentorship of team MicrotechX transformed me. Working on some real-life use cases and projects not only gave me confidence but also gave the much-needed exposure to the problems and pain points that enterprises face. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to learn from this team

Malik Asad

Cloud Consultant



I have good experience with Microtechx. I took 6 months of training from Microtechx. I learned a lot of new stuff during training. The training was mainly based on practical hands-on which provided me with good insights into cloud architecture. Additionally, Training also helped me in my professional career.

Hafiz Talha

Hafiz Muhammad Talha

IT Administrator – Penta Fintech GmBh


My experience with MicrotechX was really great. I learned a lot of new things in the field of Microsoft cloud architecture.

Moiz Zubair

UG Student at NUST



I am student of Computer Science at NUST. I was in my second semester and had a very little knowledge about the field of Computer Science. I learnt about AWS community Pakistan. I started following its activities on the social media platform. Then the AWS community posted a new course with MicrotechX. Which was a 6 months program on multicloud training. I joined it hesitantly as the topics which they covering were totally new for me.  Being new to these realms, it was very difficult for me but these 6 months that I spent under the mentorship pf Sir Khalid Hussain and MicrotechX have transformed me. I leant about cloud computing, Azure, AWS, GCP and Terraform. This program gave me the needed exposure. I am glad that I got this opportunity and successfully completed this course.


Muhammad Tayyab

Cloud Engineer -Systems Limited

I have been studying computer science and inshaALLAH i will graduate next month. In my academic years I developed really good skills in web development. Like most students I was looking for an opportunity to gain something productive from the recent lockdown due to covid-19. The opportunity soon came through Microsoft learn student community from where I came to know about the phenomenal personality Sir Khalid Hussain. This was the time that I was encouraged to join the program of multicloud. The potential of this field and its promising financial prospect were indeed mindboggling for me and my appetite for learning increased with every passing day. When I observe Sir Khalid’s efforts and sincerity with his students I had this responsibility to deliver and it has really positive impacts on my learning. I am glad that on the beginning of my professional career I got the chance to learn from industry experts.

Syed Asad Raza

DevOps Engineer – Ascend Healthcare solution

(Saudi Arabia)



I was student of CS in Sargodha University. When I passed out I was working in Chinese company as a Chinese translator and plan to go china but unexpectedly covid-19 comes. China is sealed and all my plans failed and I also lost my job. I was looking for an internship opportunity to come back to track in my IT field soon got one while I became AWS Community Pakistan.

Those 6 months that I spent under the mentorship of team MicrotechX transformed me. Working on some real-life use cases and projects not only gave me confidence but also gave the much-needed exposure to the problems and pain points that enterprises face. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to learn from this team.

Mubeen Ahmad

Software Engineer – CB Sol


I am studying BSCS at Superior University . During the start of covid-19 pandemic when all educational institutions started online learning . I also utilized that time to find an internship or training and I was lucky enough to find one . I become a part of Google and MSLC . They introduced me very well about Microtechx , their learn and their vision . The targeted domains in which they were providing training were com pellety new for me so I joined that program . I was quite sure that these six months of working with Microtechx will make me were confident and experienced as I will get the exposure to real life problems and challenges that actually enterprises have to deal with . I enjoyed investing my time with such a brilliant team . It also open ups various learning possibilities for me.

I am student of Software Engineering at NED UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECH NOLOGY . During days of covid – 19 , I came across this amazing multi – cloud internship pro gram powered by Microtechx , that helped me elevate my knowledge regarding cloud technology domain with multi – cloud providers . I joined that program reluctantly which boost my knowledge in all ways and at the end of which I am capable of calling my self a cloud engineer . Those 6 months that I spent under the mentor ship of team Microtechx transformed me. Working on some real life use cases and projects not only gave me confidence but also gave me the much needed exposure to the problems and pain points that enterprises face . I am glad that I got the opportunity to absorb tons of cool stuff that goes on within cloud through it . Now I feel as I am completely ready to take on real life challenges .

Muhammad Imran

Cloud Engineer – Zilon


I am graduated from Punjab University College of Information Technology , Lahore and completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science . I am member of different tech communities like Microsoft Community Lahore , AWS Community Pakistan etc. Recently , I joined a software company as a software engineer where I am working on ERP and Digital Twin . Before this job , I am looking of job and internship to gain industrial knowledge and building my professional experience in new innovative technologies . At that time , I got know about Microtechx offers me virtual internship in Multicloud Program . I learned many new things to manage servers , resources , micro services , security and many more . We worked as a team on different use cases and problems to solve related to real world . Now , I’m Microsoft Certified in Azure Fundamentals . Moreover , I am also Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator ( MIE ) . I am glad to be part of this Microtechx’s program .

Ahmad Khan

System Engineer- ING


MicrotechX is a great learning platform towards Cloud and Security. I have been enrolled in Summer program 2021 in MicrotechX. The course helps me to grow in my carrier and helped me to achieve many goals which I’ve planned for.

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